Challenge: How do you stay on top of all the changing topics, contributors, and objectives when managing a blog?

Solution: A visual blog content calendar with customizable tags and filtered views to fit an editor’s needs.

Making a blog content plan come together means managing a lot of moving parts. Each piece of content needs a writer, a featured image, a category, a keyword, and an objective. A typical 30-day content calendar only shows some of this information at a glance—and only for the coming month. This makes it hard to get an overview of which topics and objectives your content plan is hitting in the long-term, and where the gaps are.

With Planstack, blog managers can create a content calendar that visualizes upcoming plans in a flexible way. Create entries for each piece of content, tag them with custom attributes, then organize the calendar by publish date, due date, objective, or contributor. Get a detailed overview of future content, complete with supporting assets like images and target keywords—and identify gaps in what you need for the next month, quarter, or entire year.