Challenge: How can promo teams coordinate special promotions across multiple channels and regions?

Solution: A single shared promo calendar that everyone can access, contribute to, and comment on.

Promotions are a key part of any e-commerce business. But keeping track of which channels the next promo will use—and what’s needed from other teams to support it—can be painful. Writing and coordinating emails, getting banners designed, and updating the website at the right time needs serious cross-team collaboration. And on top of that, global companies have to make sure regional promos don’t overlap.

A Planstack promotional calendar gives high level visibility on upcoming promos to everyone that needs it. Promo teams can make and share their plans for the whole year, creating custom views for each different region. Channel owners can comment and contribute to each calendar entry directly, as well as creating and tagging each plan with a custom attribute for their channel—so the email team can filter out the promos where they’re not needed. More transparency, less surprises.