Challenge: How can the email team keep track of the info they need from other teams, and coordinate their efforts with other channels?

Solution: A email newsletter calendar with detailed visual entries for each email that’s easily shareable across the organization.

Emails are at the heart of marketing and comms for every company, with teams and projects from all corners of an organization needing to send emails at some point. Content and info flies in from every angle, making it hard for email teams to find what they need when they need it. And a lack of transparency on the email team’s overall upcoming plans makes coordinating new email requests a pain for everyone involved.

An Omnical email newsletter calendar helps email teams organize their upcoming plans in a unified, visual way. Create a new entry for each planned email, add the content and info you need, and tag it with custom properties like team, objective, and audience. Let any team view your email plan, and set up filtered views according to different properties—so leadership can easily see how emailing efforts are distributed.