Challenge: How can events teams get more cross-company visibility and cross-channel support for their upcoming plans?

Solution: A single event calendar that gives everyone a concise, visual overview of upcoming events to drive cross-team collaboration.

Events like conferences, trade shows, and product launches are one of the most effective ways to achieve marketing goals. But since event managers spend a lot of time working with external providers, it’s easy for events teams to become siloed—and harder for them to keep their plans visible internally. Event management tools are too detailed and inaccessible for other marketing teams and channels to get a quick overview of what’s coming up, making cross-channel event promotions a pain to coordinate.

A Plastack event calendar is an ideal bridge between the event team’s plans and the rest of the company. Create a clear visual overview of the main events coming up, so other marketing channels can easily sync their plans around them. And tag different people and teams in each calendar entry to make sure each event gets the cross-team support it needs to succeed.