Challenge: How do you make sure cross-channel marketing campaigns stay in sync and on message?

Solution: One shared marketing campaign calendar, with a view that shows individual channel plans side-by-side.

Modern marketing teams let channel owners freely manage their work however is best for them. But when email, paid, and social need to team up for the next big campaign, the silos start to show. Without a high level source of truth on how separate channel plans fit together, marketing leadership struggles to sync campaign timing, unify messaging, and direct budget where it’s needed most.

The Challenge with a Marketing Campaign Calendar

Running a campaign requires an omnichannel approach with multiple channel-specific teams contributing to the campaign. Channels teams such as email, web, social, and more require their own space to plan, manage and execute their channel-specific campaign plans. 

Email teams manage their own email marketing calendar, social teams run their own social media calendar, editorial teams run their own editorial content calendar, and so on. So when you need a single view of a campaign across all marketing channels it’s next to impossible to pull all the content together for a cohesive view of the campaign. Teams incur the overhead and inevitably stop updating another calendar. 

How to Build a Marketing Campaign Calendar that Works

With a Planstack marketing campaign calendar, each channel owner can put all their plans in one place. Create calendar entries for each plan and  tag each with custom properties, so anyone can create the visual overview they need of what’s coming up on each channel—side-by-side in a unified calendar view. Leadership gets extra visibility to coordinate cross-channel campaigns, while channel-owners can continue to manage tasks their own way.

Marketing Campaign Calendar Live Demo

Planstack is purpose built for marketing calendars and planning, displaying your campaign content over-time and categorized and filtered to give you all of the views your team needs.

Building a Marketing Campaign Calendar with Planstack

What sets Planstack apart is the ability for every team to manage their own workspace, configurable to their unique needs and workflows. With Planstack properties, calendar content can be tagged, enabling multiple dynamic views of a single plan.

This also enables rolled-up views of a single campaign. As teams such as email, web, and social all tag their content with campaign-specific properties, new views can be created that automatically pull-in content from multiple workspaces. No need to duplicate content from one calendar to another.

Marketing Campaign Calendar by Channel

In this Planstack view, content is created in each team’s workspace, as normal. Content related to a campaign is simply tagged with a a campaign-specific property. This view organizes the content by marketing channel and filters by the campaign property to all of the marketing content that is being planned and distributed for a single campaign. 

With Planstack, there’s no need to maintain and update different calendars. Planstack views are easy to create and automatically updated. When the content in one view changes, all other views are simultaneously updated.

Move your campaign calendars to Planstack and start experiencing the benefits of an easy-to-use, automated, and presentable calendaring solution.