Challenge: How does the product marketing team fuse the product roadmap with the marketing calendar in a way that’s digestible and accessible for everyone?

Solution: A combined calendar that seamlessly blends product and marketing plans, and keeps stakeholders across the company informed on product marketing initiatives.

Product marketing is the bridge between the product team and the marketing team. So when it comes to campaigns around product launches, product marketing teams have to keep a ton of different people, dates, and plans in sync. With multiple teams involved, staying aligned to hit deadlines isn’t easy. And without a single, easy-to-update source of truth, people end up going back and forth between the product roadmap and the go-to-market plan.

A Planstack product marketing calendar lets product marketers create a combined, high-level plan in one easily accessible place. The calendar layout with customizable tags and viewing filters is ideal for creating a bigger picture that keeps both product and marketing on track—without making anyone switch task management tools. Add detail to calendar entries, tag the relevant people, and create custom views to present individual product launch plans to leadership in a simple, visual way.