Challenge: How can social media teams get a high-level overview of their upcoming plans and keep stakeholders aligned with the bigger picture on social?

Solution: A high-level social media calendar that visually represents their plans across channels in a concise, accessible way.

With new social media channels popping up all the time, it’s harder than ever for social media teams to step back and get an overview of their upcoming plans—which is crucial for keeping a consistent brand narrative across channels. Scheduling and publishing tools are great for managing day-to-day content, but not ideal for presenting a high-level plan to marketing stakeholders in a flexible, visual way. This means social teams end up making and sharing their high level plans in presentation slides.

A Planstack social media calendar lets social teams organize their major posts and plans in a presentation-ready format. Create calendar entries for social campaigns, tag them with custom properties like channel, post type, and objective, and use these to generate a range of filtered views. Share your calendar to let marketing leadership and stakeholders can easily analyze plans according to objective or audience, or to quickly align campaign plans with other comms teams.