Challenge: How does the web team coordinate frequent homepage changes for different promos, product launches, and regional needs?

Solution: A shared web calendar with powerful tagging and filtering options to make sure different regions, teams, channels, and developers have the visibility they need.

Managing web content is a difficult and never-ending task. With requests for exposure on the homepage and other areas of prime online real estate flying in from across the company, there are a lot of moving parts to think about. Coordinating design, copy, and developer resources around deadlines, launches, and pull-down dates is a massive challenge. Elaborate Kanban boards get overwhelming, with each contributor only wanting to know the deadlines and plans that are relevant to them.

A Planstack web content calendar shows your upcoming content plans and needs in a visual, flexible way. Create calendar entries for launches and publish dates, tag them with custom properties like ‘region,’ ‘contributor,’ and ‘objective,’ then make filtered views based on these categories. Easily visualize your plan by regional needs, or let individual contributors filter out the noise so they can focus on where they’re needed—and when.